The Lekaroz Business Campus is designed to receive companies from some of the New Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarre region`s Smart Specialization Strategy´s priority sub-sectors.


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Lozy's Pharmaceuticals

"Thanks to the Institutional support, our placement in the Lekaroz Business Campus has been done in record time. Being placed in Lekaroz allows us to have in our company people from Baztan, but also, those that are actually living in Guipuzcoa, Pamplona or the Basque-French Coast. We have not had any difficulties to find experienced workers.

Locating our plant in the Lekaroz Business Campus has been the right decision, since it allows us to be in an unequaled environment and reinforces the image that we want to transmit from our company. Our customers leave shocked."

Basilio Moreno Pérez, Technical Director at Lozyspharma, S.L.